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Coaching the couple for romantic wedding posing.

Coaching the couple for romantic wedding posing.

Seamus will coach couples prior to there wedding, in his studio or on location, for fun, relaxed, romantic style posing.
It essential for couples to be relaxed on there wedding day and be familiar with there photographers requirements,so as to achieve the desired quality images. Couples really enjoy this experience and are confident on there wedding day to be more relaxed with me in achieving those classic poses. It has proved to be so successful that they even have taken the initiative to take it further in the creative initiative. It is so important to have a schedule and a repertoire of creative and romantic style work flow. One must practice and train for perfection, and I am for that perfection by working and coaching the couple prior to there wedding day. After all practice makes perfect.

On a couples wedding day I only have to prompt and guide the wedding couple to achieve the desired poses. Very importantly it leads to a smooth wedding shoot with quality imagery.

Finally the end product is a high quality creative & artistic wedding ‘storybook’.

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Award winning wedding photographer, Seamus Costelloe is based in Kilkenny.

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