Posing & Lighting Workshop by Seamus Costelloe @ Hotel Kilkenny. -Seamus Costelloe,

Posing & Lighting Workshop by Seamus Costelloe @ Hotel Kilkenny.

Posing & Lighting Workshop by Seamus Costelloe @ Hotel Kilkenny.
Seamus-Costelloe-Photography-Workshop. Seamus-Costelloe-Photography-Workshop.



WEDDING-COUPLES-1-MRGED KK-NOW-PART-2-MAURITIUS I.W.DLearn the ART of lighting and flow posing for Portrait and Wedding Photography.
September 23rd 2013. Venue: Hotel Kilkenny. Time: 10am. Booking via prophoto@eircom.net. Price: €130.
A light lunch will be served. Included in the price.
Booking fee €50.00. Cash or Cheque, payable to Seamus Costelloe.
*Wireless off camera Flash. *Modify for Soft & Hard lighting. *Custom White Balance. *Groups of flow poses. *Concepts to inspire the creative imagination.
Hotel Kilkenny is spoiled with boutique locations and I will be guiding you on how to maximize these options, both inside and outside.
Learn how to balance flash with ambient light and how to maximize lighting with ambient only, ambient with 1 flash, 2 flashes.
How to use hard and soft lighting.
How to use additive and subtractive light. How to create the Rembrandt triangle and loop shadow.
Basically how to bring your creative level to a far more creative and artistic level. Also how to act on your instincts & tease those instincts to see light, paint with light and shadow.
Learn how to be creative with FLOW POSING. Add to your repertoire of poses, unique groups of poses that will set you apart from your fellow photographers.
Investing in your education is imperative to your advancement as a professional photographer. So if you want to up the creative level to a higher level, attend my workshop.
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